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序号 论文题目 刊物名称 作者 第一作者 收录类型 卷期
1 The voltage-depolarization performance vs the free energy cost of a single nACh receptor JOURNAL OF THEORETICAL BIOLOGY 王家赠,孟颖涛(学) 王家赠 SCIE 2021 531
2 Tristability in mitochondrial permeability transition pore opening Chaos Qi Hong(外),Li, Zhi-Chao(外),Wang, Shi-Miao(外),Wu, Lin(外),Xu, Fei(外),Liu, Zhi-Long(外),Li, Xiang(外),王家赠 Qi Hong SCIE 2021 31(12)
3 Distributed discrete-time optimization of heterogeneous multi-agent networks with unbounded position constraints and nonconvex velocity constraints NEUROCOMPUTING 莫立坡,张子馨(学),Yongguang Yu(外) 莫立坡 SCIE 2021 466
4 On Tree-Connectivity and Path-Connectivity of Graphs GRAPHS AND COMBINATORICS 李莎莎(外),覃忠美(外),涂建华,岳军(外) 李莎莎 SCIE 2021 37(6)
5 Solving the isomorphism problems for two families of parafree groups Journal of Algebra 陈海苗 陈海苗 SCIE 2021 585
6 Oscillation rogue waves for the Kraenkel-Manna-Merle system in ferrites JOURNAL OF MAGNETISM AND MAGNETIC MATERIALS 李帮庆,马玉兰 李帮庆 SCIE 2021 537
7 Novel bifurcation solitons for an extended Kadomtsev-Petviashvili equation in fluids PHYSICS LETTERS A 马玉兰,AM Wazwaz(外),李帮庆 马玉兰 SCIE 2021 413
8 Distributed Continuous-Time Optimization of Second-Order Multiagent Systems With Nonconvex Input Constraints IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON SYSTEMS MAN CYBERNETICS-SYSTEMS 莫立坡,Yongguang Yu(外),Lin Zhao(外),曹显兵 莫立坡 SCIE 2021 51(10)
9 A type of full multigrid method for non-selfadjoint Steklov eigenvalue problems in inverse scattering ESAIM: Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Analysis 谢满庭(外),徐飞(外),岳美玲 谢满庭 SCIE 2021 55(5)
10 A novel domain decomposition method for coupled semilinear elliptic equation Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences 岳美玲,徐飞(外),马洪坤(外) 岳美玲 SCIE 2021 44(13)
11 A note on CAPsubgroups in finite groups Journal of algebra and its applications 梁登峰,钱国华(外) 梁登峰 SCIE 2021 20(09)
12 A new (3+1)-dimensional Kadomtsev-Petviashvili equation and its integrability, multiple-solitons, breathers and lump waves MATHEMATICS AND COMPUTERS IN SIMULATION 马玉兰,AM Wazwaz(外),李帮庆 马玉兰 SCIE 2021 187
13 PID Control of Uncertain Nonlinear Stochastic Systems with State Observer Science China Information Sciences 丛薪蓉,赵成(外) 丛薪蓉 SCIE 2021 64(9)
14 Product-form monogamy relations of entanglement in multiqubit systems International Journal of Quantum Information Jia-Bin Zhang(外),李陶,Zhi-Xi Wang(外) Jia-Bin Zhang SCIE 2021 19(05)
15 Distributed optimization without boundedness of gradients for second-order multi-agent systems over unbalanced network INFORMATION SCIENCES 莫立坡,胡豪坤(学),Yongguang Yu(外),Ren Guojian(外) 莫立坡 SCIE 2021 565
16 Improved Distributed Optimization Algorithm for Continuous Time Multi-agent Systems With Time-Varying Cost Function Proceedings of the 40th Chinese Control Conference 胡豪坤(学),莫立坡 胡豪坤 EI 2021
17 A Study to Investigate the Characteristics and Influencing Factors of the Leisure Life of Females 4th International Conference on Data Science and Information Technology, DSIT 2021 徐玲,陈松(学),刘月(学) 徐玲 EI 2021 2021
18 Runge-Kutta discontinuous Galerkin method for solving wave equations in 2D isotropic and anisotropic poroelastic media at low frequencies Geophysics 贺茜君,杨顶辉(外),周艳杰,杨磊(外),黄雪源 贺茜君 SCIE 2021 86(4)
19 The number of satisfying assignments of random 2-SAT formulas RANDOM STRUCTURES & ALGORITHMS Dimitris Achlioptas(外),A. Coja-Oghlan(外),M. Hahn-Klimroth(外),J. Lee(外),N. Müller(外),M. Penschuck(外),周广艳 Dimitris Achlioptas SCIE 2021 58(4)
21 Consensus problems on networks with free protocol CHINESE PHYSICS B 柳晓冬(学),莫立坡 柳晓冬 SCIE 2021 30(7)
22 Nonexistence of ground state solutions for generalized quasilinear Schrödinger equations via dual approach Journal of Mathematical Physics 靖永涛,刘海东(外) 靖永涛 SCIE 2021 62(7)
23 Computing twisted Alexander polynomials for Montesinos links Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics 陈海苗 陈海苗 SCIE 2021 52(2)
24 Containment control for multi-agent systems with fractional Brownian motion APPLIED MATHEMATICS AND COMPUTATION 莫立坡,Xiaolin Yuan(外),Yongguang Yu(外) 莫立坡 SCIE 2021 398
25 A multigrid method for the ground state solution of Bose–Einstein condensates based on Newton iteration BIT Numerical Mathematics 徐飞(外),谢和虎(外),谢满庭(外),岳美玲 徐飞 SCIE 2021 61(2)
26 Multipartite entanglement criterion via generalized local uncertainty relations Scientific Reports Jia‑Bin Zhang(外),李陶,Qing‑Hua Zhang(外),Shao‑Ming Fei(外),Zhi‑Xi Wang(外) Jia‑Bin Zhang SCIE 2021 11(1)
27 Characterizing the voltage fluctuations driven by a cluster of ligand-gated channels Physical Review E 王家赠,范艳花(学) 王家赠 SCIE 2021 103(5)
28 Forecasting of COVID-19 onset cases: a data-driven analysis in the early stage of delay Environmental Science and Pollution Research 王学丽,Liying (外),Jia jinzhu (外) 王学丽 SCIE 2021 28(16)
29 Lower deviations for supercritical branching processes with immigration FRONTIERS OF MATHEMATICS IN CHINA 孙琪,张梅(外) 孙琪 SCIE 2021 16(2)
30 Lump wave phase transition for the (2+1)-dimensional Heisenberg ferromagnetic spin chain equation OPTIK 马玉兰 马玉兰 SCIE 2021 231
31 New extended Kadomtsev-Petviashvili equation: multiple soliton solutions, breather, lump and interaction solutions NONLINEAR DYNAMICS 马玉兰,AM Wazwaz(外),李帮庆 马玉兰 SCIE 2021 104(2)
32 Multilevel correction adaptive finite element method for solving nonsymmetric eigenvalue problems ADVANCES IN COMPUTATIONAL MATHEMATICS 徐飞(外),岳美玲,郑彬(外) 徐飞 SCIE 2021 47(2)
33 A reduced-order extrapolated model based on splitting implicit finite difference scheme and proper orthogonal decomposition for the fourth-order nonlinear Rosenau equation APPLIED NUMERICAL MATHEMATICS 周艳杰,张雅楠(学),YeLiang(外),Zhendong Luo(外) 周艳杰 SCIE 2021 162
34 Random Belief System Dynamics in Complex Networks under Time-varying Logic Constraints Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 郑小京(外),路锦非(外),陈彦斌(外),丛薪蓉,孙翠萍(外) 郑小京 SCIE 2021 566
35 基于非结构网格求解三维D′Alembert介质中声波方程的并行加权Runge-Kutta间断有限元方法 CHINESE JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICS-CHINESE EDITION 贺茜君,杨顶辉(外),仇楚钧(外),周艳杰,常芸凡(外) 贺茜君 SCIE 2021 64(3)
36 On the component properties of the EMD method 2021 5th International Conference on Digital Signal Processing, ICDSP 2021 王超杰 王超杰 EI 2021
37 A Review on the Health Effects of Pesticides Based on Host Gut Microbiome and Metabolomics Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences Zhou Meng(外),赵江 Zhou Meng SCIE 2021 8
38 Convergence of complex martingale for a branching random walk in an independent and identically distributed environment FRONTIERS OF MATHEMATICS IN CHINA Xin Wang(外),梁新刚,Chuanmao Huang(外) Xin Wang SCIE 2021 16(1)
39 Deforming a Convex Hypersurface by Anisotropic Curvature Flows ADVANCED NONLINEAR STUDIES ju hongjie(外),李博亚(学),刘艳楠 ju hongjie SCIE 2021 21(1)
40 Leader-Following Consensus of Second-Order Networks with a Moving Leader and Nonconvex Input Constraints Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering 莫立坡,许则阳(学),于永光(外) 莫立坡 EI 2021 705
41 The power spectrum of the membrane voltage driven by a single nACh receptor Journal of theoretical biology 王家赠,孟颖韬(学) 王家赠 SCIE 2021 509
42 Spatial Distribution and Epidemiological Characteristics of Foodborne Disease in Zhejiang Province, China ACM ISBN Li ying(外),Yang juan (外),王学丽 Li ying EI 2021
43 Distributed Second-Order Continuous-Time Optimization via Adaptive Algorithm with Nonuniform Gradient Gains JOURNAL OF SYSTEMS SCIENCE & COMPLEXITY 莫立坡,柳晓冬(学),曹显兵,Yongguang Yu(外) 莫立坡 SCIE 2021 33(6)
44 Constrained consensus over continuous-time multi-agent networks with state constraints, non-convex input constraints and time delays IET CONTROL THEORY AND APPLICATIONS 莫立坡,Yongguang Yu(外) 莫立坡 SCIE 2021 14(20)
45 Propagation patterns of pump and Stokes breathers of the transient stimulated Raman scattering system in gas-filled hollow-core crystal fibers OPTIK 马玉兰 马玉兰 SCIE 2021 220
46 Cohomological invariants of representations of 3-manifold groups Journal of Knot Theory and Its Ramifications 陈海苗 陈海苗 SCIE 2021 29(13)
47 Quasi-waveform seismic tomography of crustal structures in the capital circle region of China SCIENCE CHINA Earth Sciences 黄雪源,Dinghui Yang(外),Ping Tong(外),Yuan Gao(外),Yutao Shi(外),Hao Wu(外) 黄雪源 SCIE 2021 64(1)
48 A weighted Runge-Kutta discontinuous Galerkin method for reverse time migration Geophysics 仇楚钧(外),杨顶辉(外),贺茜君,李静爽(外) 仇楚钧 SCIE 2021 85(6)